#Meta_Data: Nachos + Data: That’s It, That’s the Brief

National Nacho Day -- It’s Not a Day, It's a Lifestyle

Forget Halloween, Forget Thanksgiving. We’re Here to Celebrate Nachos. 

It's officially November and likewise, the most wonderful time of the year. Here at Standard Co, we're busy decking our halls with queso and enjoying a slightly different kind of wreath, because our favorite holiday is here -- National Nacho Day.  

If you want to know more about our nacho-thusiasm and what nachos even have to do with data, read more from our tortilla-loving CEO, here. And don't forget to visit our Database of Nachos to plan your very own celebration! 

Funny Note: We reached out to one of our trusted designers to make some custom Database of Nachos t-shirts for us. The brief: Data + Nachos. That’s it. That’s the brief. 

With limited direction, they turned out pretty cool. If you want one, tweet us @StandardCode with your best Data+ Nacho jokes.


We’ve compiled the stories below for your perusal, intelligence-building, and overall enjoyment.

The Cheesy O.G.
A nacho origin story - before there was Tex-Mex, the original nachos (called “totopos“) were Mexican to the core.

I Want My Mucho Grande Nachos
That’s right, there’s a corner of the internet where fans of the (now-unavailable) Taco Bell dish unite and yearn for the black olive nacho plates of yore.

59kg of Cheese
The world’s largest nacho brings together communities at the US-Mexican border, feeding 350+ mouths…yeah, you read that right.

Time for a Road-trip
The best nachos in every state. We can’t think of a better reason to jump on board with #vanlife.

Liquid Topping Tastes So Good
Froggy & 7-Eleven collab for a music video tribute to everyone’s favorite snack. Best worst nachos in the world.


Take a bite out of this…THE MOST popular nacho purveyors by State, according to our Database of Nachos.


“The taste and crunch you deserve”… a flashback to Taco Bell’s nacho debut in 1983.

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