#Meta_Data: PDFs Crave Dashboards

Organizing 9B+ Attachments with PDF-to-Dashboard, Data in Activism, and a How-To Video on Building Risk Gauges (with Metabase). 🤯

Reminder: Secure Data Kit will be rebranding as Standard Data on 1 September, 2021. [More Info]

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9 Billion PDFs generated in 2020 — that’s what our friends at Adobe announced recently, hailing the great success and ubiquity of everyone’s favorite email attachment.

But, as visually stunning and format-friendly as a PDF can be, this document is actually quite a nightmare for data management — why? because data is ‘locked’ in PDFs, meaning trend reporting, pivoting, analyzing real-time insights, and so forth is… a process.

Imagine this: the supervisor drops a box full of old PDF printouts on your desk. She asks you to analyze a key metric over time — where do you start? What do you do?

You call Standard Co, that’s what.

The fact that PDFs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon got us buzzing, so we cooked up some incredible functionality for our proprietary (and incredibly awesome) data management toolkit, Standard Data.

Standard Data now allows the data-slingers of the world to convert data from PDF to dashboard in minutes, not weeks — in fact, we’re already implementing this tool with a number of our global clients and side-hustle projects.

Want to see PDF-to-Dashboard in action? Check out this case-study for COVID Mapping Project in which we set a routine to convert the Georgia Department of Health’s weekly COVID reports (delivered via: you guessed it… PDF) into a functional dashboard that is clean, pivotable, automated, and supremely functional.

To learn more about how Standard Data can help you do more with data, let’s talk: info@standardco.de


This #dataviz really blew us away…

… get it?

We’ve compiled the stories below for your perusal, intelligence-building, and overall enjoyment.

Visualizing the 20-Year War in Afghanistan
Al Jazeera’s powerful visual report breaks down everything from casualties to civilian attacks to the socio-economic impact of the War in Afghanistan.

Data in Activism
Anti-Trans legislation is at an all-time high across the US. This mapping project showcases the 133 bills moving through 36 state legislatures.

We’re all about Company [Data] Culture
Here’s how to make sure data culture is just as much water cooler conversation as it is guiding principle across your organization.

The Humpty Dumpty of US COVID Data Reporting
From overwhelmed laboratories to snail-mail processing at state level, COVID reporting is a disaster in its own right. Our favorite example: lack of communication within or among state health departments (hello COVID Mapping Project)

Tracking the Future of Water: The Sky’s the Limit
Berkeley Lab’s SAIL (Surface Atmosphere Integrated [Field] Laboratory) tracks precipitation from bedrock to the heavens as the future of water availability in the western US becomes murky.


Ever wonder how to merge multiple datasets to build a simple gauge? In this video, Standard Co. Founder & Chief Organizer Person, TJ Muehleman, takes us through the backend of Standard Data, showing fans how to utilize Standard Data along with Metabase to do more with data.

We’re one in a million, baby. #datajokes