#Meta_Data: Most Data Blogs Suck…

Introducing a data blog that sucks a lot less than Data Management itself…and Standard Data, the best Data Management platform in the universe.

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Greetings, fellow data-lovers,

We, the brains behind Standard Co, welcome you to our latest project: Meta Data.

What is Meta Data? Meta Data (not to be confused with metadata, which many of you know is data about data) is a sleek data-focused newsletter aimed at making data conversations less boring, data management less sucky, and data tools (such as our own sweet suite of data management tools) more accessible to all.

So here we are: Meta Data. That’s like, so meta.

This newsletter will be part entertainment, part education, and part ruthless sales vehicle (our tools are too fabulous not to brag about) in our attempt to make data management a top priority for all — fulfilling our mission of empowering the masses to do more with data and make better decisions faster.

So, that being said, welcome. We hope you enjoy. But, more importantly, we hope you relentlessly consume this newsletter and share it with all the other data-loving geeks out there because we’re putting our heart, soul, and hyper-limited availability into this thing.

Team Standard Co

P.S.: For more COVID data visualizations, check out our COVID Mapping Project.

We’ve compiled the stories below for your perusal, intelligence-building, and overall enjoyment.

Becoming a Data Driven Company
"Companies must reexamine the ways that they think about data as a business asset of their organizations. Data flows like a river through any organization. It must be managed from capture and production through its consumption and utilization at many points along the way."

PDFs: Unlocking the Value Within
2020 yielded 300B+ PDFs, but not all are created equally, and they certainly aren’t as valuable as they could be…

10 Steps to Creating a Data Driven Culture
"If the right tools are not used for analyzing data then it will lead to nothing but meaningless collections of numbers.”

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in a Dashboard 
2020 hopefully taught the world that equality equals not equity — meet the dashboard looking to hold leaders accountable.

4 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout
“Data gives business leaders the proof points, validation, and confidence to make bold decisions to take their business to the next level.”


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